Captain Kinetic hardcover collection

YES!! Still no actual comics, but I did find a copy of the Captain Kinetic hardcover collection from the late 70s from a shop in Chicago (!!!). It reprints the first three backup stories from Kinetic Comics plus Captain Kinetic #1-5. The dealer told me he had a few more CK items that he didn’t bring, and he’s going to call me when he gets back to his store. SCORE!! It’s just like the Wizard of Oz… you can look all over for Captain Kinetic merchandise and it’s waiting right in your own backyard. The second I get home, I’ll be making scans of some of the hardcover book for the gallery. In the meantime, I hooked up with a few CK fans at the Con, and they’re going to contribute some artwork to the gallery. This guy Mike (also from Chicago) did a sketch for me at the Con which you’ll love, although he got the logo wrong.

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