A Chat with Dwayne

I’ve gotten a lot of traffic since the site redesign launched, and a lot of things in my email box including something new for the Gallery that I’d never even seen before!! In other email news, my pal Dwayne must have felt a little slighted when I made fun of his Sugar and Spike habit, because he posted the following message to a listserv we’re both on.

Well, duh! Who *wouldn’t* go after SUGAR & SPIKE instead of those Golden Age KINETIC COMICS? And it’s not that I *wouldn’t* take that issue #4 out of its triple-sealed Mylar permacoating, it’s that it doesn’t *come* out anymore — keeps the grade from going lower, you know. After losing my Golden Age copies of BLONDE PHANTOM, NAMORA, and ELSIE THE COW, Kevin should understand that I am a wee bit paranoid. Besides, the Black Bat doesn’t really “appear” until the last panel, when CK breaks the door down to confront the mysterious nefarious evil criminal mastermind who has only been seen in silhouette for the whole story.

Of course I know that, since that story has been reprinted like eight-hundred-gazillion times. (I wholeheartedly agree with your decision to keep your comics sealed, though that won’t protect them if you plug in your Captain Kinetic night-light, circa 1947, and then leave to visit your parents for the weekend. Trust me.)

Speaking of webmaster Kevin, he comes across as sort of nerdy, though I hear that he has a taller and cuter buddy who really does most of the work on the website.

A little explanation here: Dwayne and I met through a emailing list we both belonged to (which was not Captain Kinetic related) and met for the first time in San Diego this past summer. If he finds me nerdy, well… that’s his opinion. He is right, though, that I get some help from my friend Charles on the more technical aspects of the site, though I’m learning fast!

I’ve been reading the LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE collections from Fantagraphics, and I believe that Annie could kick the Captain’s butt. And is there any truth to the recent rumor that old sketches from an aborted ad campaign have turned up that show CK with big curly hair and blanked-out eyes?

Given the Captain’s enormous popularity at the time, I highly doubt that. And maybe I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that Captain Kinetic’s endorsements of Elliptine started long before Annie was selling that other stuff. Anyone out there have any more info? (I think Dwayne could just be jerking my chain here.)

As a semi-huge fan of radio drama I can’t wait to hear the Elliptine Radio Hour excerpts!

Me either! The guy at Chicago Comics on Clark Street, an excellent (though Captain Kinetic-challenged) store, said he does in fact have some episodes on tape that he’ll dub for me. SCORE!! Expect to see some clips posted here pretty soon. Thanks for the comments, Dwayne!

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