Kinetic Comics #3 cover scan

Dwayne sent me a scan of the cover for Kinetic Comics #3, one of the issues he picked up at the convention in San Diego last summer. (Turns out the reason I couldn’t find any issues was because Dwayne showed up a day early and cleared out the CK stuff! And he said he was only interested in Sugar and Spike!)

Well at least he shares the wealth. I think Kathy learns his secret identity and feels ashamed that she ignored Lyle Holloway all those years. By the end she forgets and everything turns back to normal. Talk about excitement! 😉

This doesn’t look like a Geddes cover, which is strange because it’s such an early issue and he did all the artwork in the beginning. Then again, I haven’t seen a lot of his close-up stuff, so maybe I’m wrong. (Cap sure looks restrained here, doesn’t he?)

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