I have my doubts…

Someone wrote to tell me that they saw some of the images from CaptainKinetic.com swiped and used on other sites, so I added a “bug” to make sure people know where the images come from. Sorry if it mars your viewing experience. I guess I should be happy that people are enthusiastic about the good Captain, but hey, let’s be nice to each other, people!

In other, happier news, David Brady sent a scan of a Kinetic Kid (!!) drawing he bought on the cheap at a flea market. Although I’d dearly love to believe it’s a real Kirby, I have to be a little skeptical. But, oh, wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were real? Keep those clippings coming! More Captain Kinetic sites are popping up all the time, and I want to make sure this one stays the best!

Keep those clippings coming!

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