One Man Guy: The Creators

zan (aka Charles Christensen) started reading comics in earnest after picking up a copy of Power Pack #14 at the local 7-Eleven in his hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland when he was in junior high school. They don’t have comics at convenience stores anymore.

He gave up comics upon leaving Gaithersburg for The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1991, and didn’t return to them until 1996, when he discovered that there was a small community online using the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game system from the 80s for online roleplaying. After a few months of participating in online games, he started a project of reproducing the original rules in their entirety in digital format, and his website Heroplay has been serving the superhero roleplaying community in one incarnation or another for six years.

zan began working in comics upon meeting Mike Franzese, a co-worker at the advertising firm he worked for, and they began collaborating on the Captain Kinetic project, the first comics work for both. zan also became active in the group now known as Prism Comics, a queer comics industry advocacy project.

There is currently no regular artist on this project. If you have a distinctive style and you’d like to tell the story of these characters, contact Zan. Artist Lucius Romero provided the artwork on these pages and in the first issue preview.

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