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Pencils from Mark of Aeacus #2!

Pencils from Mark of Aeacus #2!

Folks who picked up a preview copy of The Mark of Aeacus way back in April of 2007 (!) and are still patiently waiting for a second issue to come out (both of you) will be excited to hear that final pencil art is finally rolling in for issue #2!

Mark has set a deadline of early April to finish all the pencil work, which will be inked by Max Banks, who’s previously inked The Tick. We settled on this panel to share as a special preview.

If you want to see more of Mark of Aeacus #2, you can stop by and visit us at the Emerald City ComiCon on April 4th and 5th, where I’ll not only be promoting Mark of Aeacus, but also helping out LGBT comics organization Prism Comics!

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