Pencils are done on the second Mark of Aeacus book, the inks are half-done, and the color is getting there. Cracking the whip to get the interior art wrapped up by the end of this month so a finished book can hit shelves in July for Comic-Con.

Anyone who’s put together their own comics, especially with collaborators, can appreciate how lengthy the process can be. I didn’t expect it would take quite this long to follow up the first book, but hopefully you’ll find the second installment worth the wait.

And surprise of surprises, I’m actually doing digital ink work on the book! Mark’s pencils are so gorgeous, and while cleaning them up and turning them into “inked” pages isn’t effortless, I’m definitely in the “tracer” category, here. I just find Mark’s intended line and run with it, and it’s always perfect.

I’ll be at WonderCon in San Francisco at the start of April. Track me down at the Prism Comics booth and I’ll give you a preview of the completed issue 2!

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