WonderCon Wrap-Up: Friday

Hey lovelies!

I’m waiting in the iPad line at the San Francisco Apple Store, so I’ve got some time to share some tidbits about how the first day of WonderCon went.

As always, I spent almost all of my time at the Prism Comics booth. It’s like the queer comics drop-in center at every con, so the con pretty much comes to me. Convenient!

Storm came by to sign copies of his minicomic Princess Witch Boy, which was sprinkled with a hint of glitter and faerie magic.

I stepped in for an absent Patty Jeres to moderate the “Queers, Comedy and Camp” panel, featuring Joey Alison Sayers, Ed Luce, Sean Seamus McWhinny, Rick Worley and Brian Andersen. I asked the crowd to help me take a new Grindr photo to replace the censored Iron Man one. Just to be safe, I had them say “bible study” instead of “cheese” to make it extra wholesome.

At the end of the panel, I got to make the announcement that the recipients of the Queer Press Grant this year were Ed Luce and Eric Orner. See how happy he is here? Or maybe that’s just lack of sleep catching up with him.

Robert Triptow stopped in to sign and sell copies of Gay Comix and regale us with tales of his adventures over the past year. He had to fly in this year, because he moved up to Oregon, and was obviously happy to be back in town. I know the feeling! I love Seattle, but SF always feels like home when I come back.

Jeff Krell was here promoting his Jayson books and translations of Rälf König comics. His latest book, Jayson Goes to Hollywood, is a convention favorite and is already sold out here! I’d recommend heading to his website and ordering a copy or you might miss out.

Jon Macy showed up at the con with not one but two gorgeous graphic novels: Teleny and Camille and Fearful Hunter. Teleny is an adaptation of an anonymous erotic novel reportedly written by Oscar Wilde and his circle, and Jon’s produced a masterpiece. Hunter is the first in a series of fantasy romance/erotica stories with druids, werewolves and all kinds of freaky and awesome stuff.

The only other booth I made it to was the Hungry Tiger Press booth, to check in on Eric Shanower and David Maxine. Turns out they drove up from San Diego for the show this time, so they were running on fumes, but still managing to entertain visitors with tales of Greek warriors and the magical land of Oz.

Adorable overload! Justin Hall brought this Wonder Bear shirt to the con and it was an immediate favorite. It’s apparently part of a line of bear images including a bear luchador and a “cowbear”. If this shirt was any cuter I think my head would explode. Want!

That’s about all for Friday. Saturday was off the charts! I’ll write some about that tomorrow.

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