WonderCon Wrap-Up: Saturday & Sunday

As always happens, I took fewer pictures as the weekend wore on, because I got busier and busier and tireder and tireder. But I’ve got a lot of fun stories and a few snaps to share.

Marc Andreyko came by the Prism booth with a big grin on his face, holding a small, black “1 Year Later” sketchbook. He said that all of the DC folks had gotten these sketchbooks when DC launched that event in 2006 but, as a writer, he didn’t really know what to do with it. He decided to get Manhunter sketches.

The latest piece to grace the pages of the book was this one by Ethan Van Sciver. Hardly a sketch, it’s a real work of art!

Sina Grace came by a few times during the weekend to mix and mingle and to sign copies of Books with Pictures and Cedric Hollows in Dial M for Magic. The boy is a fashion plate, a flirt, and a heck of a lot of fun!

I wish I had some more exciting pictures to share with you of Prism’s social event at the Pilsner Inn on Saturday night, but I was too focused on hearing about new projects and enjoying cocktails and mingling with all the queer nerds. It was quite a successful event; we filled the place up!

A bunch of us headed next door to Chow to get some dinner (I’d been eating nothing but snacks and Vitamin Water all day and was ready for something with more nutritional content than beer) and saw this interesting sight outside.

Stefan Salinas came by with a brand new book, a thick, elaborate graphic novel called Within the Rat, and he wore his rat chapeau in celebration of it.

Kenne Morrison is the writer of a new series called Night Patrol, which he signed and sold at the Prism booth on Sunday.

I did a few TV interviews for news outlets that escape me, and on Sunday I called in to record a podcast episode with my dear, queer pals the Comic Book Queers. We talked about digital comics, upcoming new Mark of Aeacus books, and Prism Comics. Time flew by; before I knew it we’d talked for a whole hour and the show was almost over!

When the final bell rang, we packed it all up and shipped it out. All in all, the best WonderCon that Prism Comics has had to date, and certainly something I’ll look forward to again next year.

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