Crossover Time: Teleny and The Fanboys of the Universe

Jon Macy’s Teleny and Camille has just gotten an amazing review at gay comics site Fanboys of the Universe from the FBotU maestro himself, Chance Whitmire. Chance’s review starts off with a bit of an Oscar Wilde history lesson, and emphasizes just how much modern LGBT folks take for granted:

For a moment, though, try to imagine London, 1893. Sodomy was illegal. The mere accusation could destroy your reputation, your business and even land you in jail. Which is exactly what happened to Oscar Wilde. In 1895, Oscar was convicted of gross indecency (being a sodomite) and sentenced to two years of prison and hard labor. Being incarcerated in 1895 was no Chi Chi Larue video, either. It destroyed Oscar and ended the career of a literary genius.

He’s got more kind words for Jon and for Teleny and Camille:

As a graphic novel, Teleny and Camille keeps the original story and the best of its rich language, but gives it a more cohesive narrative. The writers of the novel strain at times to describe the passion and intensity of the relationship between the two men. Macy’s art, passionate and free-flowing, at times animalistic and supernatural, fills in where mere words fail. It’s as if Teleny had been waiting a century for Jon Macy to come along.

I got a chance to speak with Macy briefly at Comic-Con and breathlessly told him how I savored and studied each page and felt the book should only be read alone and by candlelight. So vivid is the world Macy constructs, and the threat of exposure so daunting, just the experience of reading the book feels wicked and forbidden. It’s a very sensual reading experience.

Macy’s Teleny and Camille was years in the making and stands as both a great accomplishment in the graphic novel genre and a major contribution to gay literature.

What are you waiting for? Get over there and read the whole review!

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