Teleny and Camille Submitted to Lambda Literary Awards

Northwest Press is proud to submit Jon Macy’s new graphic novel, Teleny and Camille, for consideration for the Lambda Literary Awards.

The first Lambda Literary Awards were presented in 1989, and have been awarded annually since then to the finest lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans literature available in the United States. The “Lammy” is the most prestigious, competitive, and comprehensive literary award offered specifically to LGBT authors.

Teleny, the original anonymous novel written in secret by a group of authors—one of which is believed to have been Oscar Wilde—set its sights on being more than mere pornography, attempting to be a work of literature. First published in 1893, it told the untold story of gay men trying to live their lives and find love and fulfillment in an oppressive time.

Over a hundred years later, Macy’s Teleny and Camille continues that tradition, striving to break out of the box that typical erotica is trapped in and depict not only a sensual and exciting world, but also one with its share of horrors and dangers. Readers are taken to the heights of ecstasy, but not spared the ugliness of societal persecution and the struggle to discover one’s identity in the face of it.

To see a list of works that have been submitted this year, visit the Lambda Literary Awards Current Submissions page.

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