Patrick Fillion’s Boytoons Talks Teleny!

Patrick Fillion’s delightfully sexy Boytoons Magazine recently shone a spotlight on Jon Macy’s erotic masterpiece Teleny and Camille with some images from the book and a rave review.

Here’s a taste:

You can get Teleny and Camille at Amazon, but what they would REALLY prefer is if you could order it through your local Comic Shop! The Diamond Order Code is SEP101088! My personal copy of this amazing graphic novel currenlty resides on my nightstand. It’s been a wonderful read so far, and I am savoring ever page, loving Jon Macy’s whimsical and striking art style. Teleny and Camille is a fantastic book, and a fabulous first offering from Northwest Press.

You can ask your local shop to order the book from Diamond, or you can order directly from Northwest Press using the shop links. Either way, thanks for supporting great LGBT comics!

Check out the whole article.

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