Brian Cronin on Rainy Day Recess: “Highly Recommended”

Brian Cronin’s excellent “Month of LGBT Comics” at the CBR blog “Comics Should Be Good” is chugging along, shining the spotlight on a lot of great queer comics that you should not miss. Today, he took a look at David Kelly’s forthcoming collection, Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s Comics, and apparently he liked what he saw!

Kelly captures the ups and downs of Steven’s life beautifully. A simple, yet important, facet of this collection is the fact that while Steven goes through a whole pile of garbage for being who he is, he also has simple enjoyments the same way that pretty much every kid has simple enjoyments in life. So the balance between feeling sorry for Steven and feeling happy for his enjoyments is crucial to the power of Kelly’s work, and it makes for an excellent series of comics.

Take a look at the whole review, which includes a bunch of great preview pages!

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