Northwest Press Publisher Wins CNW Toonie Award!

I’m proud to let you know that Northwest Press has been honored for its work as a publisher in 2011 by the good folks at Cartoonists Northwest, who bestowed upon me the coveted “Toonie Award for Excellence in Publishing” at their annual banquet on Saturday night.

Cartoonists Northwest was founded in 1981 as an association of professional and amateur cartoonists who meet monthly to network, collaborate, and promote community among local artists. It is one of Seattle’s longest-standing organizations and boasts membership of such artists as: Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), David Horsey (Seattle PI), John Lustig (Disney and Last Kiss), Brian Basset (Adam @ Home and Red and Rover), Donna Barr (The Desert Peach and Stinz) and many more.

In keeping with CNW’s irreverent spirit, Saturday’s banquet was quite an experience: press-on moustaches, a clay sculpting competition, live music with delightfully nerdy cartoon lyrics, and a fantastic speech by special guest Scott Kurtz of PVP. They also had a silent auction, in which I bid on and won some Alan Moore trade paperbacks to give to the uninitiated.

Even though I’ve only been in the publishing business a short time, I am so grateful to organizations like Lambda Literary and Cartoonists Northwest who have recognized my efforts and encouraged me. 2011 was as good a first year in the saddle as anyone could hope for, and that was in large part due to being embraced by the book and comics worlds so warmly.

Onward and upward in 2012!

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