Glowing Review of Glamazonia on High-Low

Rob Clough has written a review of Justin Hall’s glamorous superhero adventure, Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny, and he certainly likes what he sees!

[Hall] takes that idea of superhero-as-drag and spoofs it to the end while demonstrating how useful the drag trope is in thinking about superheroes.  Using the deliberately outrageous and delightfully narcissistic patois of drag-speak, Hall gives Glamazonia five different secret origins, has her constantly reject the attentions of a would-be sidekick (Rent Boy), puts her on the grassy knoll at JFK’s assassination and has her compete in a Contest of Champions (the prize: super-pets!).  Even better, he collaborates with an all-star team of queer cartoonists in a series of short “One To Glam On” segments that are the best part of the book.  The segment with Ed Luce of Wuvable Oaf is a particular highlight, as Glamazonia gives a group of bears advice on keeping their body hair healthy and free of split ends.

I think he’s really captured the spirit of Glamazonia who—for the uninitiated among you—is not what you’d call an adherent to the notion that “with great power comes great responsibility”…

Glamazonia is unrepentantly sarcastic and self-centered, willing to save the world but not if she’s busy with her nails.  She’s not so much a real character as she is a smartass alter-ego.  She reminds me a little of DiDi Glitz, Diane Noomin’s cartoon alter-ego.  Blond, bewigged, fabulous and a little bit bitchy, but their hearts are in the right place.  Both characters seem to be a way of exercising a particular part of the artists’ personality that’s ultra-extroverted, outspoken, witty, obnoxious, a little trashy and not afraid to get what they want.

Check out the whole review for more glowing Glamazonia glory!

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