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Joe Palmer has posted a review of The Legend of Bold Riley on that is as comprehensive as it is glowing. The Gay League is a great organization that’s been bringing together queer fans of comics for over ten years, through a full-featured website and fan meetups.

If you are even the least bit familiar with Joseph Campbell’s works you will reognize that The Legend of Bold Riley is the story of an individual unknowingly setting out on the path of the Hero’s Journey. However, there is one difference. Weathington takes the classical hero and makes her a young woman. This gender swapping decision alone would not necessarily make for a good or memorable story. The idea could easily fail if this were all Weathington was interested in doing. Thankfully, her intent was to make Bold Riley a three dimensional character for which she could create exciting and engaging stories.

I tend to raise an eyebrow when folks de-emphasize their queer identity—”I just happen to be gay!”—but I’m glad that Joe agrees that one of the best parts of this book is that it features a lesbian heroine who has adventures and romances exactly as a straight male hero would and her sexuality is not belabored. Riley exists in a world where being queer is neither embraced or scorned; it just is. I also love this line a lot:
Bold Riley is what a Disney Princess story could be if the company had the courage and interest (and subtlety) to push beyond the outer edges of the heteronormative envelope to create an adventure featuring a young, lesbian swashbuckling hero.

There’s a whole lot more to be found in this fantastic review. If you’ve been curious about the book and want to know more about it, I highly suggest you check out the whole review of The Legend of Bold Riley on!

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