The Legend of Bold Riley Reviewed on The Gay Comics List

François Peneaud, of the ever-informative Gay Comics List, has published his review of Leia Weathington’s The Legend of Bold Riley, and has a lot of good things to say about the book.

With its dense jungle forest and its stone temple, clearly influenced by Ankgor Vat, deserted by humans though still inhabited by enticing but very weird women,The Wicked Temple is brought to life by Konstantin Pogorelov’s loose and dynamic style, complemented by expressive watercolors. I could stare at those pages for hours.


The Legend of Bold Riley is not a light book, which after all is in keeping with the fact that “real” legends and myths are rarely feel-good stories. If I had to pick one theme for the whole book, I’d say that it’s about looking beyond the obvious, trying to discern the hidden nature of people. Gods and demons often hide behind flesh, while Riley discovers little-by-little whom she might become. That’s of course the structure of classical legends and myths, but book is inhabited by real people, with complex and often flawed temperaments. It’s a testimony to the quality of the writing that Bold Riley is shown as a believable person in such fantastic settings.

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