Preview Dylan Edwards’ Transposes

Transposes front coverNorthwest Press is about to debut a really interesting new book at the end of August. Transposes is a nonfiction graphic novel by Dylan Edwards exploring the fascinating lives of seven transgender men who also happen to be gay, bisexual, or otherwise non-straight. It’s an amazing window into the lives of these men, both the major events in their lives and the day-to-day ones, and paints a wonderfully human portrait.

The book will feature a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel (Fun Home, Are You My Mother?).

I’ve prepared a great iPad-compatible EPUB preview of Transposes that you can download and try out. It mirrors the experience of reading the book a lot better than a plain PDF. Just download this preview, add it to your iTunes library, sync it to your iPad and enjoy!

(Not to leave anyone out, a PDF version of the Transposes preview is also available to download as well.)

Please spread the word to your friends and ask your local comic shop to check in out in Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog in July. Transposes‘ item number is JUL121168.

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