Northwest Press Will Match Your Support of Bent-Con 2012!

There’s this terrific convention that’s returning to Los Angeles this year for its third installment, called Bent-Con. It’s a convention that celebrates the intersection of the queer community and all things nerdy, geeky, and awesome, and we had such a fun time the last two years that there’s no way we’d miss it this year.

The Bent-Con 2012 guest list reads like a wish list rather than an account of who’s actually coming, packed as it is with a who’s who of artists, writers, TV stars and more. I mean… Phil Jimenez, Jane Espenson, Amber Benson, Christopher Rice, Marc Andreyko, Wendy Pini, David Gerrold… and on and on and on! (That was just a quick skim and I even forgot to mention Tom Lenk and Patrick Fillion! This really is an incredible lineup.)

I even recorded this gushy video about how awesome Bent-Con is and how I think you ought to go:

A few weeks ago, Bent-Con launched an Indiegogo fundraiser (which ends Friday, Nov. 2nd) to defray the cost of putting on the show. (Since anyone who’s ever done a convention knows these things don’t just magically happen on their own.) As we enter the final week, we at Northwest Press have offered to jumpstart the campaign effort by matching all donations, up to $1500!

You put in a dollar, we put in a dollar. Your donation, large or small, will go twice as far toward helping Bent-Con reach the finish line! (And there’s a side benefit: Bent-Con is a registered nonprofit organization, so you can even write off your donation on your taxes. Go on, push yourself into a lower tax bracket.)

So check out Bent-Con’s Indiegogo fundraiser, and chip in something. We think having conventions like Gaylaxicon and GaymerCon and Bent-Con that welcome people to be themselves as they enjoy the things they love is so important, and we hope you do, too!

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