Reviews of Transposes by Joe Palmer and Andrew J. Peters

New York-based fiction writer Andrew J. Peters has reviewed Dylan Edwards’ new book Transposes on his blog, He’s got a lot of great things to say about the book, and comments particularly on how Transposes might be a valuable resource for younger readers.

Having worked with LGBT teenagers at a youth center for many years, and being a writer and a fan of gender-bending characters, I found TRANSPOSES delightful and instructive.

 The stories frankly address such topics as coming out in a lesbian relationship (“Adam”), male role models and gay identities (“Avery”), as well as STIs (“Blake”) and recovery from childhood sexual abuse (“Aaron & James”). As such, I think TRANSPOSES is a trusty guidebook for young adults navigating the discovery of gender and sexual identity, and really for older adults too.

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There was also a Transposes review that was posted on by the wonderful Joe Palmer that we somehow missed the first time around. Joe has been a longtime LGBT comics activist, community leader and reviewer, and we’re glad to see that Tranposes succeeded both as a teaching tool and creative work, in his opinion.

In relating these struggles and accomplishments Transposes will be a source of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to any one questioning their gender. It is my humble opinion that cisgendered readers will be able to find motivation from these stories to live life on their own terms. As for me, I was drawn into each story, wincing at the slights and mistreatment, admiring everyone’s characteristic determination, and cheering their triumphs.

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