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Positive Cover
We’re pleased to announce the two newest additions to the Northwest Press catalog: Tom Bouden’s Positive and Sam Saturday’s Why Do You Cry When I’m on Top? Both books are available now on Gumroad and will be available for the iPad/iPod touch/iPhone shortly.

UPDATE! Both books are now available for the iPad/iPod touch/iPhone! Check out Positive and Why Do You Cry When I’m on Top on iTunes!

Positive is a “graphic novelette” by cartoonist Tom Bouden (Max and Sven, The Importance of Being Earnest) in which he invites you to meet Sarah, a young woman whose life is about to be turned inside out when she discovers that’s she’s HIV positive. Sarah and her partner, Tim, go on a harrowing journey through shock and uncertainty, pre-dawn pill schedules, side-effects, well-meaning friends, tasteless jokes, medical missteps, and ultimately, hope.

“Positive is a story with the universal message of how to live life without being afraid,” writes‘s Joe Palmer in the introduction to the book. “This is the story I wish I’d been able to read after my diagnosis years ago. It is the story I hope everyone regardless of his or her sero-status will have the opportunity to read and by which to be inspired.”

Why Do You Cry When I'm on TopAlso debuting is Sam Saturday’s Why Do You Cry When I’m on Top?, a collection of hilarious and probably NSFW comics from his series “Load”. Sam’s delightfully blunt and hormonal take on omni-sexual goings on is funny, sexy, and just plain wrong in all the right ways.

Both books are available now on Gumroad in mega-compatible PDF format, and will soon be available on iTunes/iBooks for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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