Ask for NWP at your local comics shop today!

Anything That Loves

UPDATE, Sept. 25 — Comic shops are finalizing their September orders, so this is the week to ask your local shop for Anything That Loves and the other new NWP books! Find the shop near you with!

The three most recent Northwest Press books—Anything That Loves, The Lavender Menace, and Al Qaeda’s Super Secret Weapon—are in September’s DIAMOND PREVIEWS catalog! (Well, AQSSW is in the Adult version of PREVIEWS…)

If you regularly go into your local comics shop and sigh a sigh of discontent because there are so few little rainbow-circle NW logos in sight, this is your chance to make a difference! Head to your local comics shop(s) and let them know they should order copies of our latest books!

Here are the Diamond Comics Distributors item codes so your local shop can order these titles:


Spread the word far and wide! Northwest Press is a tiny publisher, but we make top-notch-quality books that should be on comics store shelves around the world. Let them know you want your Northwest Press!

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