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Fearful Hunter
by Jon Macy

316-page hardcover/paperback. 6.625″x10″
Hardcover Price: $39.99
Paperback Price: $29.99
Adults Only

Oisin, a shy young druid, lives in a ferocious world of sacred sexuality and erotic elder gods. When he falls for Byron, a simple wolf who only mates for life, their love threatens the plans of those who desire a forbidden power. Do the star-crossed lovers stand a chance when lascivious Druid masters and savage elder gods threaten their fragile new relationship?

Punk music, pickup trucks, and psychedelic earth magic add an urban spin to this captivating queer Celtic fantasy world.

edited by Robert Kirby

264-pages, hardcover/paperback. 7″x8.5″
Full Color
Hardcover Price: $39.99
Paperback Price: $29.99
Mature readers

QU33R, from Ignatz-Award-nominated editor Rob Kirby, features 241 pages of new comics from 33 contributors—legends and new faces alike.

Foreword by No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics editor Justin Hall.

Capitol Hillbillies
by Chris Lange

144-page paperback. 8″x8″
Cover Price: $19.99
Mature Readers

Find out why Capitol Hillbillies is a comic strip like no other in this deluxe collection with almost 200 strips chronicling the adventures of four gay dudes in Seattle. Dating, video games, plenty of sex jokes, and even a unicorn for good measure. A must for any LGBT reader!

Foreword by Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf)!

The Legend of Bold Riley
by Leia Weathington

232-page paperback. 7″x10″
Full Color
Cover Price: $29.99
Mature readers

Leia Weathington’s sword-and-sorcery epic The Legend of Bold Riley is illustrated by Leia and a host of talented artists. “Who is Bold Riley?” you might ask. She has hunted the wildest game and dallied with countless beautiful girls, but still longs to know the world beyond the city walls. Princess Rilavashana SanParite, called Bold Riley, leaves behind her station and sets out to travel through distant lands and find forgotten ruins, fearsome enemies, inscrutable gods and tragic love.

Foreword by fan-favorite writer Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Dash #1
by Dave Ebersole and Delia Gable

24-page comic book. 6.625″x10″
Cover Price: $3.99

Los Angeles, 1940: Private investigator Dash Malone can’t shake the feeling his lover, Johnny, is hiding something. Strange deaths start occurring throughout the city while a mysterious woman named Zita Makara begs Dash to take her case. When a grisly murder connects all three, a terrifying mystery unfolds.

A Waste of Time #1
by Rick Worley

36-page comic book. 10″x6.625″
Cover Price: $4.99

Rick the cartoonist rabbit is growing desperate for success, while his creations—including a coke-addicted teddy bear and a broken robot—have their own plans for his career. Things start to take a sinister turn, and Rick surprises even himself with the depths of pandering to which he’ll sink.

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