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Full Spread of NWP Books - September 2015Wholesale Orders

Northwest Press books are available to retailers at discounted cost through a variety of distributors as well as directly. You can see a full line of the print books available from NWP on our Retail Catalog page. (There are some print books available elsewhere on this site that are purchased wholesale directly from the creators and are not available at wholesale discount.)

Click here to see our Retail Catalog of original graphic novels, collections, and comics.

Postpaid Orders

U.S. and international retailers and distributors can order books with payment due 30 days after shipping. They will get a wholesale cost discount (50% off) from Northwest Press, or a 60% discount for first-time orders. For orders of 5 items or more, shipping is free for U.S. orders and discounted 50% for international orders. Send orders by email to

Online Wholesale Orders

U.S. retailers and distributors can also order books online at wholesale cost (50% off) direct from Northwest Press, or a 60% discount for first-time orders. For orders of 5 items or more, shipping is free for U.S. orders.

  • Retailers making their first order should use coupon code “FIRSTTIME” at checkout (60% off)
  • Use coupon code “RETAILER” at checkout for subsequent orders (50% off)
  • The “FIRSTTIME” and “RETAILER” coupons cannot be used together.
  • Add coupon code “FREESHIP” to get free shipping for U.S. order of 5 or more items
  • Retailer discounts are only to be used by retailers and distributors who plan to resell the books. (Libraries may also use the retailer discount to order copies for their collections.)
  • The shipping address for retail orders must be a business address that includes the name of the company.

Book Distributors

Diamond Distributors (North America and United Kingdom)
Tony Shenton
Prerogatives/Pride Catalog
Bulldog Books (Australia and NZ)
Last Gasp

Point-of-Sale Displays

We have a number of colorful “shelf talkers” to display alongside Northwest Press books to provide review blurbs and other enticing visuals. Click to download one of the promotional materials below:

Rainy Day Recess Promo Display "Shelf Talker" Waste of Time Promo Display "Shelf Talker"
Transposes Promo Display "Shelf Talker" Bold Riley Promo Display "Shelf Talker"
Power Within Promo Display "Shelf Talker"

Contact Info

Charles “Zan” Christensen, Publisher
2621 E Madison St
Seattle, WA 98112

Telephone: (646) 926-6427 (OH-MY-COMICS)