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by Dylan Edwards
$19.99, B&W, 128 pages.

Dylan Edwards’ Transposes separates gender from sexuality and illustrates six fascinating true stories of transgender men who also happen to be queer. The result is laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreaking, challenging, inventive, informative, and invites the reader to explore what truly makes a man a man. Includes a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel (Fun Home, Are You My Mother?).

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The Legend of Bold RileyTHE LEGEND OF BOLD RILEY
by Leia Weathington
$29.99, full color, 232 pages.

As capable with a sword as she is with her wits, she has hunted the wildest game and dallied with countless beautiful girls, but still longs to know the world beyond the city walls. Princess Rilavashana SanParite, called Bold Riley, leaves behind her station and sets out to travel through distant lands where she will find forgotten ruins, fearsome enemies, inscrutable gods and tragic love. Leia Weathington’s sword-and-sorcery epic is illustrated by Weathington and a host of talented artists, and includes a foreword by fan-favorite TV and comics writer Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time, Husbands).

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A Waste of TimeA WASTE OF TIME
by Rick Worley
$19.99, B&W, 136 pages.

Foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed and misanthropic, Rick is no ordinary cute cartoon rabbit. The strips in this hysterically funny, surprisingly sweet collection range from fantasy tales about a closeted fundamentalist teddy bear, an oversexed fox, and a doomed robot love affair to autobiographical comics that share maybe a little too much information about the author. This first full-length collection of irreverent and sweet comic strips from Rick Worley features a foreword by StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast.

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by Charles “Zan” Christensen and Mark Brill with special guests
$4.99, Color, 32 pages.

Shannon gets picked on a lot; his dad and teachers think he should just “fit in” more, but that doesn’t help. So Shannon escapes into a super-powered alter-ego whenever he’s in a bad situation. But will the power within be enough to save him? In addition to the main story, the book contains bonus pages by a collection of comics industry heavyweights, including Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey), Phil Jimenez (New X-Men, Wonder Woman), Greg Rucka (Detective Comics, Gotham Central), Matthew Clark (Outsiders, Wonder Woman), Stephen Sadowski (JSA, Warlord of Mars), Dan Parent (Archie, Kevin Keller), Donna Barr (The Desert Peach), Andy Mangels (Gay Comics, Iron Man: Beneath the Armor) and Carla Speed McNeil (FINDER).

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David Kelly’s Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s ComicsRAINY DAY RECESS:

by David Kelly
$19.99, black-and-white, 120 pages.

Previews and Reviews

From 1995 to 1998, David Kelly’s “Steven’s Comics” ran in LGBT and alternative newspapers around the country. This comic strip explored the world of a sensitive boy coming of age in the seventies, with all its joys, quirks, and heartbreaks. Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s Comics collects the entire Xeric-Award-winning series in one volume suitable for young adult and adult readers, with additional material created specially for this collection. The book also includes a foreword by advice columnist and It Gets Better Project founder Dan Savage; Northwest Press will be making a donation to the It Gets Better Project with every copy sold.

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Teleny and Camille front coverTELENY AND CAMILLE
by Jon Macy
$29.99, black and white paperback, 248 pages.

Previews and Reviews

Winner of the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Erotica!

Teleny is the haunted musical genius that everyone desires but no one has truly touched… until the fateful night that he senses Camille’s presence in the audience. The wealthy young man is instantly seduced by Teleny’s dark beauty and smoldering melancholy. This groundbreaking and powerful early gay novel, written in secret by Oscar Wilde and his anonymous circle of writers, is now re-interpreted as a graphic novel, in all its lush, pansexual excess.

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Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny CoverGLAMAZONIA: THE UNCANNY SUPER-TRANNY
by Justin Hall and friends
$24.99, Full Color, 136 pages.

Previews and Reviews

Nominee for the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction!
Glamazonia the Uncanny Super-Tranny is busting heads and breaking hearts! Watch as our heroine gains her powers from the bite of a radioactive drag queen, has a three-way with Fidel and Che, and tussles with that witch, Power Princess. Comics have never been so fabulous!

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by Charles “Zan” Christensen and Mark Brill
$7.99, full color, 28 pages.
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Jack’s adventure as the Bearer of The Mark of Aeacus continues. A mysterious stranger appears at the foot of Jack’s bed, tells him the secrets of the mark of power that he bears, then tells him he must die. Can Jack’s mysterious new powers save him… or would we all be better off if they didn’t?

from Robert Kirby
$6.25, 32 color pages
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A bold new LGBT comics anthology: three terrific tales from three terrific creators per issue! The second issue features Sina Evil, Jon Macy, Jennifer Camper, Michael Fahy, Craig Bostick and David Kelly.

designed by Rick Worley
$20, American Apparel T

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designed by Justin Hall
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designed by Mark Brill
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