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Dylan Edwards’ Transposes separates gender from sexuality and illustrates six fascinating true stories of transgender men who also happen to be queer. The result is laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreaking, challenging, inventive, informative, and invites the reader to explore what truly makes a man a man. Includes a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel (Fun HomeAre You My Mother?)

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Dylan Edwards’ Transposes separates gender from sexuality and illustrates six fascinating true stories of transgender men who also happen to be gay or bisexual. The result is laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreaking, challenging, inventive, informative, and invites the reader to explore what truly makes a man a man.

Written and illustrated by Dylan Edwards, with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel (Fun Home, Are You My Mother?). 120 pages. 7″x10″. Black-and-white.

Finalist for the 2012 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Nonfiction!


You can download a 37-page preview of the book in PDF or EPUB (iPad-only) format right here on the site. The preview includes the introduction and a full chapter of the book.

13 reviews for Transposes

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    “Speaking of Edwards’ art, it’s good. He draws his characters with great skill; no one comes across as a carbon copy of one another, and I love how Edwards gives many of them a certain raw sexuality. So often transpeople are depicted as almost androgynous, so reading comics where the transmen are given (as their lives demand or don’t) the opportunity to be hot and masculine is a refreshing change. Edwards also pays attention to fashions, too; the looks of what everyone’s wearing and how they style themselves in Adam’s story, for example, instantly plunge the story into a very specific time period. A lot of care goes into making everything match; foregrounds, backgrounds, supporting cast, and protagonists. I don’t feel like any shortcuts were taken here, and you end up with a quite handsome looking comic.” Read Greg McElhatton’s review on Read About Comics.

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    “More importantly, [Edwards] did a fine job of turning interviews into stories that read well as stories, as opposed to polemics or simple dry biography.” Read Rob Clough’s review on High-Low.

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    “Dylan Edwards has written and drawn a graphic novel, “Transposes,” published by Northwest Press, that helps us all better understand and embrace the transgender community by exploring a specific group within it, “queer-identified female to male transpeople,” or “QFTMS.” If that sounds a little too Otherly, rest assured that this collection of stories is warm and heartfelt. Through his skills as a cartoonist, Edwards brings to life six distinct true stories of transgender men.” Read Harry Chamberlain’s review on Comics Grinder.

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    “So why do you need to read this book? Because if you identify as trans, FTM, and/or queer, I suspect this book might feel cathartic, or encourage you to tell your own story, especially if you don’t see anything that resembles your story in the pages. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat to trans youth. It is important to hear stories that do not have a convenient category in an awards ceremony. Because if you don’t identify as a queer trans man, you need to read this book because of the tender portraits of people that it paints, and the diversity of experiences it shows. This is a beautiful book that everyone should read, and frankly, Northwest Press has sexy digital download options if you can’t afford more than $6.99. So check it out.” Read Anne Bean’s review on

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    “By turns intriguing, funny, heartbreaking, and charming, it’s not too much of a shock that it was recently nominated for a Lambda literary award. A great exploration of a little discussed topic.” Read Andrea Speed’s review on cxPulp.

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    “Simply put, this is probably some of the best work put out in the graphic novel universe about transgender issues. It is easy to see how someone would read this book, then come back and re-read it six months or a year later. It’s warm, it’s fun, it’s… caring. And there’s not enough of that in the world today.” Read Anthony Glassman’s review on Gay People’s Chronicle.

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    “There is a risk, in any biographical story, of making the reader feel like a voyeur. But Edwards made a wise decision: letting each of those men tell their own story by using a first-person narrative. Even though he states that he took a few fictional liberties and changed names to protect their privacy, that choice gives symbolic power to the person talking about their life.” Read François Peneaud’s review on The Gay Comics List.

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    “The stories frankly address such topics as coming out in a lesbian relationship (‘Adam’), male role models and gay identities (‘Avery’), as well as STIs (‘Blake’) and recovery from childhood sexual abuse (‘Aaron & James’). As such, I think Transposes is a trusty guidebook for young adults navigating the discovery of gender and sexual identity, and really for older adults too.” Read Andrew J. Peters’ review on

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    “That book, Transposes, has just been published by Northwest Press, a publisher that specializes in LGBT graphic novels. In six stories about seven trans men (one story is about a long-term couple), Edwards gives us glimpses into lives we might not otherwise be aware of. With a foreword by Alison Bechdel (Fun Home, Are You My Mother?, Dykes to Watch Out For), it’s an auspicious first excursion into book-length publishing.” Read Neil Ellis Orts’ review on OutSmart Magazine.

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    “In relating these struggles and accomplishments Transposes will be a source of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to any one questioning their gender. It is my humble opinion that cisgendered readers will be able to find motivation from these stories to live life on their own terms. As for me, I was drawn into each story, wincing at the slights and mistreatment, admiring everyone’s characteristic determination, and cheering their triumphs.” Read Joe Palmer’s review on

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    “A very good and revelatory compilation of the just how varied the gender-spectrum is and how wonderful it can be as well.” Read Patti Martinson’s review on Sequential Tart.

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    “Having trans friends and seeing their struggles, I think this work is vitally important to opening eyes in the general populace, hopefully making people more aware, understanding and compassionate. And besides all that, the book is also a great collection of both biographical and slice-of-life stories, period.” Read Wolfen Moondaughter’s review on Sequential Tart.

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    “Dylan Edwards had already made an impression on me with his various strips and illustrations, including the funny and pointed Politically InQueerect, collected in two comics in 2003 and 2006. But he’s obviously made a breakthrough with Transposes, the new non-fiction book he’s been working on for a while…” Read François Peneaud’s review (of a preview of the book) on The Gay Comics List.

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