One Man Guy: Sketches

Here are some planning sketches from Lucius Romero for One Man Guy.

Originally, the casting of the book was to follow the casting of the video version, but I decided to switch the lead and the “love interest” roles. But even in this early sketch where the lead was still white, you can see the basic facial features have carried over to the final design.

Below is a scene from issue two that might not end up in the finished product, due to pacing issues. Adapting the screenplay is a challenge for several reasons: things that work well on screen often don’t on the page (pick up any movie adaptation comic and you’ll see what I mean) and it’s a first script, so there are things I’m wanting to change as I go, to make it more interesting for the reader. Mike and Sheila spent a lot of time on the phone in the screenplay, and I want to move away from that a bit in the comic.

Want to see your interpretations of these characters here? I’m looking to collaborate with an artist on this series, so drop me a line if you think you’d be a good match.

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