2008 Queeries!!

Zan on a WonderCon panel

Zan on a WonderCon panel

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the latest episode of the Comic Book Queers podcast, and the new one got posted a few days ago.

In addition to the joy of hearing the boys talk about comics and ass and Brenda Dickson and all the other great things, they mentioned that the nominations are open for the 2008 Queerie Awards, which are their ultra-fabulous awards for queer comics released in 2007.

I’m not quite brazen enough to do it myself, but The Mark of Aeacus and myself fit quite nicely into a few of the award categories, and I certainly wouldn’t object to someone writing in and nominating us…

Best Out Queer Creator
(If you’re a huge fan)

Best Queer Indie Book
(Class Comics is certainly still indie at this point!)

Creator Who Looks Most Like they Would Have a Manly but Alluring Scent, Like the Smell of the Forest, or in the Case of Women, Like that of a Beautiful English Tea Garden

There’s already some formidable nominations in each of these categories but, as they say, it’s an honor to be nominated, so nominate me, y’all!

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