OMG! Eric Shanower meets Aeacus!

A while back, I had chatted with Eric Shanower, illustrator of The Age of Bronze, friend, and all-around-groovy-guy about collaborating on a mythology storybook. It would take these ancient tales and retell them in a modern voice, recounting all the fucking and betrayal and bad behavior just like you might do in a Facebook blog post.

The idea was to do a 16-page storybook—with an art panel for each—that followed the life (and death) of judger-of-the-dead King Aeacus, who got the ball rolling long ago when he crafted The Mark of Aeacus and sent it up from Hades.

Of course, I knew Eric—being as busy as he is with being an actual comics artist with real paying work—would have to fit this project in around the edges, as it were. It’s been gestating.

But I was happily surprised to get some pencil artwork in my email box yesterday morning! I’ll share some of the work as soon as it’s clean and approved for preview; it’s comic, lively, and brings this dusty tale to life with the fun and bite I was hoping for.

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