Zan’s DIRTY pictures!

Just settling down for bed at my pal Justin Hall’s pad in San Francisco. But I’m really excited for WonderCon tomorrow and am still wide awake.

So I’ll tell you a funny story; there’s this iPhone application called “Grindr” which is kind of like gay GPS. It shows you pictures of guys who are in your vicinity, arranged closest to furthest.

I love using it when I travel because it’s fun to see who pops up. Car trips are especially amusing.

But it’s not dirty! Well, according to Grindr, it isn’t, nosiree. It’s as innocent as Bible study. In fact, it’s so squeaky clean that they are obsessive about censoring suggestive language and photos.

About six times this evening, I’ve gotten notices that my pictures were too darn sexy for Grindr and they were taken down. At first I thought it was some kind of mistake and reposted, but they just got taken down again.

So make the children leave the room and scroll down… IF YOU DARE… and see my dirty, dirty pictures.

The tongue one maybe could have gotten by, but the Iron Man one? What was I thinking? I must be a sick and twisted individual.

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