Northwest Press is real y’alls.

I’ve been maintaining this site for quite a while as a place to post all my comics stuff and to talk about The Mark of Aeacus, that I write for Class Comics, but the idea that Northwest Comics was a real publisher was kind of a fantasy.

But “Northwest Press” will be publishing its first official project next month: the graphic novel masterpiece Teleny and Camille by Jon Macy. This is an adaptation of the anonymous gay erotic novel Teleny, which is attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle of writers and poets. Jon shared it with me over a year ago, when it was nearly finished, and he produced a small print-on-demand run for WonderCon earlier this year. It’s a gorgeous book, and it really deserves a deluxe presentation and a wide audience.

I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it in the coming weeks and sharing previews and such—especially since both Jon and I will be at Comic-Con next month!—but I’m nearly ready to send the cover off to the printer’s and I wanted to share it with the world.


Teleny and Camille front cover

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