Massive Comic-Con Wrap-Up!

What a weekend! More like a week, actually…

I’d been tending to a lot of things over the last few weeks, trying to complete a lot of projects in time for Comic-Con in San Diego. I didn’t finish and bring everything I’d been working on, but it was still an amazing lineup of neat stuff.

Jon Macy with Teleny

I saw the Teleny and Camille books in person for the first time on Thursday, and they look stunning. I was hoping that the cover would turn out as lustworthy as Jon’s graphic novel, and I wasn’t disappointed. Visitors to the Prism Comics booth snapped them up, and I got complimentary copies into the hands of a lot of people whose work I admire. The book is available right now through Last Gasp and soon through some other distributors, and will be in Diamond’s September Previews catalog. Ask for it at your local shop!

Zan on Gays in Comics panel

In addition to pushing Teleny at the Prism booth, I was able to promote the book on an all-star panel on the 23rd annual Gays in Comics panel, moderated by Andy Mangels. It was also during that panel that Geoff Johns asked me if he could keep my sample copy of The Mark of Aeacus #2. (What was I going to say? “No”?)

Yes, the second big project was the long-awaited second installment of the erotic vigilante book that Mark Brill and I co-create. There were a few hundred copies of MoA #2 waiting for me at the hotel when I checked in, and they looked gorgeous. In addition to the first and second book and the t-shirts, I also ordered up some temporary tattoos with the Mark on them, and was branding people right and left with them all weekend. (I’m not quite ready for a permanent Mark on my neck…)

The Myth of AeacusI also brought a companion volume, The Myth of Aeacus, which is an illustrated storybook recounting the Greek mythology that the modern story is rooted in. The book is drawn by none other than multiple Eisner Award winner Eric Shanower, and it’s beautiful.

Both books will be available shortly on the Prism Comics website and also here. (If you buy them from me, I’ll toss some tattoos into each order. Mythic powers await!)

The next big project was a brand new t-shirt for Glamazonia, the Uncanny Super-Tranny, Justin Hall’s superpowered heroine. The bold orange shirts were a big hit, as was the new minicomic, Glamazonia: JFKiller, which we printed up especially for the show. The mini features a story from the forthcoming Glamazonia collection from Northwest!

While I was hawking Glamazonia products, the Prism booth was visited by none other than Kids in the Hall‘s Scott Thompson, who was promoting his forthcoming Danny Husk graphic novel project. We’re best friends now.

Steve, Scott and Zan

There was a lot more going on at the show, including demos of a new app for the iPad, but I have to keep a few mysteries to keep things spicy. More news very soon!

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