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Much of gay culture, our words and identity come from England in the late 19th century, where a sexual underground flourished in Victorian London and Aestheticism, a gay centered literary movement help pave the way.

At the center of this movement was Oscar Wilde, the Lady Gaga of his day who at the high point of his career sued the Marquess of Queensbury the father of one of his lovers Lord Alfred Douglass because he scribbled on his own calling card that Oscar Wilde was a sodomite.

The Marquess of Queensbury (don’t even go there) wrote it in a bar after we think several pints of beer, which is probably why he misspelled sodomite. It seems everybody in England at the time was a little tipsy. The lawsuit eventually bankrupted Oscar Wilde and forced him to live in poverty his remaining days, exiled to France.

Today, over a hundred and ten years later we’re joined by graphic novelist Jon Macy- he’s got a powerful new graphic novel “Teleny and Camille” an erotic love story between a celebrated musical genius and an aristocratic young man.

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    Just listened to the show. It’s really great that you got such an excellent forum! congratulations!

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