GLAMAZONIA Adds Pages, Bumps Cover Price… is Same Cost to Retailers!

That headline might interest you if you own a comics shop!

Here’s the scoop: we really lowballed on our initial estimate of the price of our forthcoming book Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny.

Since Glamazonia was half the length of Jon Macy’s Teleny and Camille, which costs $29.99, I figured a good price would be $19.99. You know, the smaller bag of chips doesn’t cost exactly half as much as the economy one, it’s sorta in the middle. I wanted to keep things simple, and figured those two price points would work for just about every book we published.

There were some things I didn’t really consider:

  1. Teleny and Camille is a huge-ass book! Half of huge-ass is still a lot.
  2. Glamazonia is in full color! Full color costs $$$.

I neglected to put two and two together until recently, when Glamazonia had to be expanded from 120 to 136 pages to fit all the wonderfulness that Justin Hall and the gang had cooked up. I ran the numbers.


We were in quite a pickle; we’d just called over a hundred retailers and talked up the book, and most of them were very receptive. Some had even placed significant orders before we called! We needed to raise the cover price in order to not lose money on each sale, but it was absolutely the wrong time to do it. I sweated as I imagined store after store canceling orders.

But a light bulb went off over my head last night: if the retailers who’ve already placed their orders for Glamazonia are the super-awesome ones who are doing us a major solid by taking a chance on the book, why not let them order the book through Diamond at the original price point?

After all, Northwest does most of its sales through conventions and direct—selling the books through Diamond at a lower price discount wouldn’t break the bank. And the goal right now is really to spread the word about Northwest Press as widely as possible, which Diamond certainly helps with.

I called up a superstar retailer friend about it, and he got excited. Said I should take the idea and run with it. Told me to go tell it on the mountain!

So if you’re a comics shop owner and you’ve already ordered Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny, consider the extra 16 pages for the original, stupidly low price my way of saying, “thanks.” Everyone’s tightening their belts these days, but you decided to try out a newcomer, anyway. You rock.

(And if you haven’t ordered Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny yet… well… you’ve got one more day to change your mind!)

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