Glamazonia Review by Periwinkle Journal!

There’s a new review up on Periwinkle Journal of Justin Hall’s Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super Tranny, and it’s another rave. If you got a chance to attend the book reading in San Francisco this past weekend, you got a real treat!

Creator Justin Hall gleefully sends up every tired super-hero convention out there from a genre full of fabulous alter egos in colorful spandex with tragic backstories. The book works best when Hall’s dense script is given more room to play out in the longer stories. He throws in so many quick jokes, off-handed references to pop-culture, gay history, comics and superheroes, that it’s tough to catch them all. At the reading, the gay comic geeks and art-bear crowd were roaring over all the one-liners and visual gags.

Read the whole review on Periwinkle Journal, and then come back and buy your own copy!

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