“Teleny and Camille” Review by John McCrae

Here’s a review that we missed when it came out in August of 2010, while we were all in Comic-Con recovery mode. John McCrea is intimately familiar with the source material for the graphic novel, and the fact that he enjoys the graphic retelling is fantastic!

It is also sex in the city, albeit in the shadows of the city: Central Park rather more than Hyde Park, but a universal midnight garden of good and evil. To this Jon Macy brings his experience in a range of black and white visuals from horror comics to adventures in the skin trade. This is a perfect mix of resources and inspiration to suit the tone and content of Teleny.

Interesting that he should want to retitle it Teleny and Camille. Focus on the love pairing rather than the individual is part of the intention. And in fact he is remarkably restrained in his depiction of what might be termed pornographic – the occasional splash reminiscent of Tom of Finland, but little that would bring too much of a blush to the cheek of the young person nowadays. That said, the thrust is definitely erotic, the atmosphere redolent of lust, jealousy, uncertainty, the pangs of disprised love.

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