Glamazonia Review on CXPulp

There are many, many parodies of superhero origins in here, told through a Glamazonia filter, usually in service of a loose but superhero standard storyline. For example, we get the most origins in the story where Glamazonia and her would be sidekick, Rent Boy, get kidnapped by some mysterious alien force to go fight other superheroes on another world, and Glamazonia tells a different origin story to a different hero in the locker room between fights. They parody the best known superhero beginnings, that of Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, but with obvious twists. Personally I like the Batman one best, but the Spider-Man one is a strong contender, if only because having someone bitten by a radioactive drag queen deserves some kind of award. Eventually there’s also an Iron Man movie parody, and one that’s a riff on The Bionic Woman, I think. (Okay, so I’m a little hazy on the Bionic Woman – sue me for not knowing all my camp culture.)

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