Victor Hodge on Justin Hall!

Victor Hodge is the creator of a fantastic mini comic called Black Gay Boy Fantasy. This slice-of-lifey comic about 29-year old Neil Jordan and a cast of friends and lovers started in 1998 and reached its 25th issue at the start of 2010. Victor doesn’t seem to be putting out a lot of comics lately, but he’s blogging and posting new artwork pretty frequently. Check him out! Ask him to sell you stuff! 😉

He recently did a blog posting about Justin Hall’s Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny that was super sweet:

Glamazonia the Uncanny Super-Tranny by Justin Hall is a 136 page book that has been released from Northwest Press. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Justin at the Small Press Expo a couple years back here in the DC area. (Rockville, MD is not DC. It just isn’t.) Justin is one of the coolest queer cartoonist (outside of Jen Camper) that I have ever met.

Read Victor’s whole post on his blog, here!

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