Pre-Order David Kelly’s “Rainy Day Recess” Online and Save 20%!

“Ask my local comics shop for a copy of Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s Comics,” you say? But they don’t have it yet! How does all this work? (And what’s a “local comics shop” anyway?)

For those of you who aren’t regular customers at a comic shop near you (or just don’t have one near you), I’ve been scouring the internet to find you some great stores that provide mail-order service that will let you pre-order the book for just $11.99—20% off the cover price!

And if you’re in Europe, for just EUR 11.76, you can pre-order a copy from Archonia in Belgium and avoid all that international shipping cost!

Thanks for helping us make Rainy Day Recess a hit!

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