Brian Cronin of “Comics Should Be Good” reviews Glamazonia

While the Northwest Press folks were busy appearing at Emerald City ComiCon with Prism Comics this past weekend—and having an absolute blast I might add!—we missed this excellent review of Justin Hall’s Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny that appeared on Comic Book Resources.

Brian Cronin, of “Comics Should Be Good”, is a week in to his “Month of LGBT Comics”, and Glams was in this spotlight in this past Friday’s column. Cronin starts out by noting how the book could have gone horribly wrong, but is saved by Justin’s positive take on the character:

Perhaps the number one thing that makes Justin Hall’s Glamazonia work is the sheer sense of geniality that exudes from Hall’s work. This is the sort of comic that, in the hands of someone trying to do something cynical, it would just come off as just foul, wretched even. Luckily, Hall is completely committed to the concept of a “super-tranny,” and he puts it out there without any sort of ill will or negative feelings – this is just intended as a fun, offbeat comic book about a goofy super-tranny named Glamazonia.

Cronin also highlights the stellar contributors—Paige Braddock, Robert Kirby, Sarah Oleksyk, Shaenon Garrity—and the backup stories, including Jon Macy’s “Rent Boy: Year One”.

Check out the whole review, and pick up a copy of Glamazonia right here!

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