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Joe Palmer of—a fabulous social and review hub for gay comics fans—has written a review of David Kelly’s new Northwest Press book, Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s Comics. One of his previous reviews, for Teleny and Camille, was brilliantly written as an over-the-top bible-thumping condemnation. This time, he’s turned to his inner child to talk about David’s book.

Touching on some of the themes that David explores in the book, Joe draws parallels with his own childhood (or that of a fictionalized Joe, I’m not sure):

My favorite comic has the Legion of Super Heroes. What’s Legion really mean? I really like Element Lad and Ultra Boy. Sometimes when my mom is mad at my dad — they yell too much — because he drinks I pretend to be in the future with the Legion.

I found a new comic and I hide it for now because my dad would probably take it away. It’s not like Legion or Justice League or Avengers but I like it because it’s about a boy. His name is Steven. He has blond hair and three brothers and a sister. Maybe he’s my age. His mom works and works like mine does and she gets tired too. Steven likes Wonder Woman and has her action figure. I don’t like Wonder Woman so much, but that’s okay.

I thought this review was charming; to take a cue from the author of the source material and also write the review from the point of view of a kid was a great idea.

Read the whole review of Rainy Day Recess here!

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