Brian Cronin Reviews “Teleny and Camille” for Month of LGBT Comics

Brian Cronin has shone the spotlight on Jon Macy’s Teleny and Camille as part of his ongoing “Month of LGBT Comics” series at Comic Book Resources. Brian shares some sample pages from the first chapter preview and praises them, but mostly lets them speak for themselves.

Almost instantaneously, the two men form a bond between themselves that goes beyond just attraction, but more into telepathy. That is how much they are tied together. It’s a fascinating inter-relation, and Macy handles it spectacularly with his moody, evocative artwork.

It’s been great to see the variety of books that Brian has reviewed this month; I’m really glad that he undertook this project. I think he’s managed to review more LGBT books in one month than even Prism Comics has reviewed in all of 2011!

Read Brian Cronin’s full review here!

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