A Waste of Time: The Reviews Start Coming in…

Reviews are starting to come in for Rick Worley’s new book from Northwest Press, A Waste of Time, and we’re pleased as punch with the reception the book is getting.

Andy Speed over at cxPulp: — ”I found this book riveting and hard to put down. It’s very relatable whether you’re gay, straight, or an anthropomorphized rabbit. It’s a little ironic that a comic with so many animal proxies is so very human.”

Joe Palmer at GayLeague.com: — ”…while he cites the auto bio comics work of R. Crumb and Jeffrey Brown for thematic inspiration, Worley has his own voice. Oh dear, the die hard spandex crowd just had a collective wide-eyed stare at those names. Don’t you worry! You can enjoy this book without danger of your superhero-lover card being revoked.”

Rubber Justice at Pink Kryptonite: — ”Take the authenticity of Pekar’s American Splendor, and blend it with classicist artcomix values, and you get an idea of the beauty behind Rick’s book. He even goes so far as to invite all his readers so moved by his work to contact him and be his groupies. Literally fucking with your audience. It’s genius.”

At Starving for Ink: — ”Ultimately, A Waste of Time is just the opposite. Worley has given us a refreshing dose of reality that I believe people will relate to, whether they’re gay, straight, or in between.”

You can pick up A Waste of Time now at your local comic shop! And if you want to join in the reviewing fun, why not post a review to iTunes? or post a review on Amazon?

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