Bold Riley’s Leia Weathington Interviewed on Examiner

Want to know how Leia Weathington’s forthcoming Northwest Press book, The Legend of Bold Riley, came to be? Christian Lipski talked with Leia for an article on and uncovered Riley’s secret origins and inspirations:

According to the author, the picaresque adventures of Bold Riley were inspired by such classics as The Epic of Gilgamesh and Beowulf.

“I like stories where there’s one character, and everything is broken up so it could almost stand alone, but it builds to a bigger narrative,” Weathington said. “I really like that mode of storytelling.”

The idea for The Legend of Bold Riley began during Weathington’s second year at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, and was soon published as a series of webcomics on the Girlamatic website.

She later printed minicomics for some of the stories, but the money required to print each one separately was money she would not have to create a Bold Riley graphic novel, her ultimate goal. Rather than continuing with individually-published stories, Weathington decided to focus on the collection, intending to self-publish.

“I got fortunate enough that Zan Christensen of Northwest Press asked if I would give it to him,” she remembered. “He’s one of those people who wants diversity in comics, especially in the queer community, and he’s such a great person to work with.”

That’s just a taste; there’s a lot of great stuff in the article and it talks about a lot of the artists, Leia’s balance between being an artist and a writer, and her move from San Francisco to Portland.

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