Oh What a (Preview) Night

Hey Northwest peeps. Zan here with a little convention check in! I really should be getting to sleep, but I’m still coming down after my action-packed day. If I fall asleep while writing this, you’ll know why.

Well, the first night of Comic-Con has come and gone. (Well, technically the last night before Comic-Con has come and gone, since it’s Preview Night, but whatever.) Once again Northwest Press is sharing space with Prism Comics in their super-swank triple booth on the main convention floor. The space gets better every year; this time around there’s two new white bookcases full of LGBT graphic novels and collections; books arranged by topics like Women, Trangender, Classics, and Romance; over 20 t-shirt designs on display; several brand-new featured guests; a signing area sponsored by Fanboys of the Universe that will feature folks like Chip Kidd and Alison Bechdel; and music-synchronized disco lights illuminating the back wall. Anyone who’s watched me at a convention knows that I will eventually start dancing anyway, so there might as well be disco lights.

Justin Hall (Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny), another Prism mainstay and editor of the new No Straight Lines collection from Fantagraphics, was on hand for setup, which was as smooth as a twink’s eyebrow line thanks to the assistance of a flock of great volunteers.

Dylan Edwards, creator of the forthcoming Northwest graphic novel Transposes, was the next of the Northwest crew to show up. He mostly helped out as a volunteer during the first hectic evening. The new setup showcased twice as many books and made it easier to find stuff, and sales were great and kept us occupied constantly. Probably the busiest Preview Night we’ve had! It was so busy that I only ended up taking a single picture: Justin stapling copies of The Gay Agenda.

The day flew by, and as the convention center closed down for the night and we packed things up, we all realized we hadn’t eaten anything in seven hours. We lost so much time, I suspect we may have been kidnapped and subjected to probing by aliens. It’s a theory.

We got a ride from a friend back to the hotel, where we met up with our third crew member, Leia Weathington, who’d just flown in from Portland. Dylan, Leia and I trekked over to Old Town for some good Mexican food and drinks, talked in excited tones about all the projects we were working on, and then meandered back to the hotel for some shut-eye,

Or blogging,

That’s about it from me. Gotta try and get some rest, because tomorrow should be a really busy day. We’ll be cracking open some boxes of The Legend of Bold Riley and giving the book its convention debut; I’ll be doing some portfolio review at the Prism booth; in the evening, we’ll be joined by Steve MacIsaac–who’s releasing his series Shirtlifter digitally with Northwest–for a Northwest Press panel in the evening moderated by Fanboys of the Universe’s Chance Whitmire; and immediately afterward I’ll be moderating a panel about the new crop of queer characters popping up in comics.

Check The Gay Agenda for all the times and descriptions, and I’ll see you at the show!

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