Written in Body Language Visits NWP at APE 2012

Northwest Press was delighted to be at the Alternative Press Expo 2012 this past month, in San Francisco, introducing the world to Dylan Edwards’ new book Transposes! Percy Hejduk, from the blog Written in Body Language, stopped by the table and picked up a few books and wrote a really nice writeup of his experiences at the show.

The Transposes book, a collection of non-fiction stories of gay transmen, has been in development for some time; it was exciting to see that it had found a publisher and was in production. If you know Dylan Edwards’ work from The Outfield or Politically Inqueerect you know to expect an cast of characters pleasing to the eye, and a quick glance through the book showed me this new offering wouldn’t disappoint.

Teleny and Camille piqued my interest for being based on the 19th century novel Teleny which was published anonymously and is attributed in part to Oscar Wilde. Jon Macy has evidently re-imagined the erotic storyline as a graphic novel and it promises to be some of my best bedtime reading for the year.

Check out the whole article on Written in Body Language!

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