Anything That Loves!

Anything That Loves PromoUPDATE: The anthology is available now!

The Northwest Press anthology Anything That Loves will be released this July, just in time for Comic-Con in San Diego, and features a variety of wonderful artists exploring the seldom-seen world between “gay” and “straight”. The anthology features work from artists Erika Moen, Ellen Forney, Randall Kirby, Jason Thompson, Kate Leth, Leia Weathington, MariNaomi and lots more, and is currently the subject of a Kickstarter fundraising drive.

The book aims to focus on the stories that LGBT anthologies often avoid: abandoning one sexual identity and trying on another, finding the love of your life isn’t the sex you thought (s)he would be, navigating sexuality as a transgender person (or dating someone transgender), dealing with a gay community that often feels “betrayed” by bisexuals… Anything That Loves asks you to put aside the labels, categories, and boxes and explore human sexuality with no roadmap.

Pledges to fund the book will net supporters a print or digital copy of the anthology when it’s released, copies of one or more (or all) of the existing Northwest Press catalog, as well as copies of other books to be released this year. The limited-supply top tier rewards include a dinner with Northwest Press publisher Charles “Zan” Christensen as he tours North America doing conventions, and lunch in New York City with Christensen and artist Dylan Edwards, followed by a trip to the Lambda Literary Awards ceremony and VIP afterparty. (Edwards’ book “Transposes” is nominated for Best Transgender Nonfiction.)

For complete information about the book, visit the Kickstarter page at


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