There’s no place like home!

Our hometown convention, Emerald City Comicon, has come to a close, and we’re celebrating our most successful convention appearance ever!

It was our first time headlining a booth at the show—we have previously been under the Prism Comics umbrella—and a lot of effort went into trying to make our first “solo” ECCC something really special. A disco ball suspended from two 10-foot towers; a plush red carpet; a fancy browsing bookcase with every NWP title; and special guests Tony Breed, Jeff Krell, Leia Weathington, Dylan Edwards, and Kristen Enos from Prism Comics made booth #912 more than just a place to shop for great comics.

We put a record number of fine LGBT graphic novels into readers’ eager hands, sold out of “Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy” buttons, handed out over a hundred free NWP tote bags, and encouraged fans to check out our upcoming Jon Macy collection. (The Fearful Hunter Kickstarter campaign broke the 50% mark this weekend!)

"College Loki"Special thanks go out to Ashley “the Intern” Guillory and Benjamin Williams for being my amazing primary support staff, as well as to Kristen Enos, Dylan Edwards, Tony Breed and his posse for their help in packing all that disco fabulous into my modest hatchback after it was all over. (It almost all fit.)

I’ve got just two days to recover and prepare before jetting off to the east coast for MoCCA Fest in New York and PAX East in Boston. I’m a little weary from this weekend, but smiling and ready for convention season.

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