I want my NWP: Politically InQueerect #1

Politically InQueerect: Old GhostsHave you heard about the latest bumper crop of Northwest Press books? There are three new releases featured in November PREVIEWS that you’d kick yourself if you missed. Ask your local comics shop to reserve your copies now, so they can add it to their order at the end of the month!

Politically InQueerect was the series that first captured our attention and introduced us to the wit, humor, and beauty of Dylan Edwards’ work. It was what inspired us to publish his first full-length project, the amazing Transposes. (If you’ve never read PIQue before, you can catch up on Tapastic and see why we fell in love.)

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts #1, features an all-new, book-length PIQue story with a supernatural twist, but with all the cranky and sweet antics of two gay Republicans in love. (Trust me. You’ll just have to trust me.)

Todd joins Archer and his mother on a journey to England to help Archer’s grandmother move. Gran is adamant that her old house is haunted, Archer is adamant that it isn’t. Will Archer’s skepticism lead to his peril, or is Gran amusing herself with a huge wind-up? Includes a selection of choice PiQue strips from the comic’s 14-year run!

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts #1 is a 48-page, full color comic book that retails for $7.99. Ask your local shop to use Diamond item code NOV141558.

(And if they need to catch up on any other previous NWP releases and can’t get them through Diamond, let them know that they can order books wholesale directly from us—with discounts as deep at 60% off cover and free shipping!)


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