If you’ve downloaded a digital book from Northwest Press but are having trouble getting it to open, try some of these troubleshooting steps…

  • If you are trying to view the file on a desktop computer, we recommend trying to download the file to your computer first—right-click and choose “save as” or “download linked file” or similar option—and then attempt to open the file. (Sometimes, just clicking the link might prompt your browser to try to open the file before it’s finished downloading, especially for PDFs.) After the file is completely downloaded, then try to open it.
  • If you’re trying to open the file on a mobile device but you also use a desktop computer, try downloading the file on the desktop  and then syncing the file to your mobile device.
  • Try disconnecting from your network and then reconnecting, or simply restarting your computer or mobile device, before attempting the download again. (Clicking the link again right away might just use the failed download from your browser cache instead of trying fresh.)
  • If you’re using a web browser to download the file (clicking the link in the email on the Gmail website for example), try using a different browser.
  • Check the size of the file that you downloaded, if possible. Does it seem small? Note how big the file is; we can compare the size to what it ought to be, and will be able to easily tell if the download completed successfully.
  • Are you getting any kind of error message when trying to open the book? The exact wording of any errors can be really helpful in figuring out the problem.

If you’ve tried everything but are still unable to make it work, write to Zan at, and he will get your issue resolved ASAP!